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The pathways of love
The paths that lead to the sea
have kept, of our passing-by,
flowers with fallen petals
and the echo, beneath their trees,
of both our bright laughters.

Alas! of the days of happiness,
radiant joys now flown,    

I wander without finding their trace again
in my heart.

Paths of my love,
I still seek you,
lost paths, you are no more
and your echos are hollow.

Paths of despair,
paths of memory,
paths of the first day,
divine paths of love.

If one day I have to forget him,
life effacing everything,
I wish, in my heart, that one memory should remain,
stronger than the other love.

The memory of the path,
where trembling and utterly bewildered
one day, upon me, I felt
your hands burning.

© translated by Christopher Goldsack

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