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จริงหรือไม่ที่เราจะต้องฝึกซ้อมมากกว่า 10,000 ชั่วโมง





มีประสิทธิภาพสูงสุด สำหรับเวลาที่จำกัดได้อย่างไร



How to practice effectively

Mastering any physical skill takes practice. Practice is the repetition of an action with the goal of improvement, and it helps us perform with more ease, speed, and confidence. But what does practice actually do to make us better at things? Annie Bosler and Don Greene explain how practice affects the inner workings of our brains. Lesson by Annie Bosler and Don Greene, animation by Martina Meštrović.

Robert Woody: The Psychology of Practicing

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3 Questions about mental practice

Dr. Noa Kageyama

Noa Kageyama: 7 steps to optimum performance for musicians

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Reading Materials

Trumpet Player
Violinist Abstract
Young Woman Playing Piano

General perspectives on achieving musical excellence

Roger Chaffin

and Anthony F.Lemieux


Measuring performance enhancement in music

Gary E.McPherson

and Emery Schubert


Strategies for individual practice

Harold Jørgensen


The Beginner’s Guide to Deliberate Practice

James Clear

You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.
You must learn to see the world anew.
Albert Einstein

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Daily Practice Note

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Weekly Practice Note

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